Linguistic Indecision

Posted in Uncategorized by Jarle Petterson on 1. januar 2006

Oh, the agony. I’ve been slightly indecisive of late, in the linguistic department, that is. First off, the blog’s been kept in two slightly different nuances of Norwegian for the last week or so. And then… Well, I used to blog in English, prior to reventuring into the native tongue last year. The initial notion being that our domestic “blogosphere” (note to self: come up with a better designation) is too minuscule to even consider. Somehow the idea changed a tad about a year ago or so – probably due to the immense attention to internal blogging at the time. How very foolish of me.

Anyway, the blog as you’ve come to know it (or maybe not) came to be last May, following a six-month sabbatical, and I’ve kept at it for yet another six months, only to prove my early impression right. During this second half of the year that’s gone, I’ve come to realise that the interior blogging crowd comprises a mere handful or so. Please get me right here; this is not to say that they’re all sub-par. Au contraire, quite a few of them have offered food for thoughts, marvel and inciting ideas, as well as hints of amusement.

Be that as it may. I’ve kept tabs on blogs for the better of the millennium (it sounds longer presented that way), and must admit that I’m going to have to look beyond the boundaries of the border in order to fully take in what’s really going on out there. The ideal approach would be taking up English blogging once more. Whether or not that involves a total discontinuation of this blog, I really haven’t taken into the fullest consideration. I’m not likely to be influenced into one decision or the other, so please: Don’t.

Just thought I’d let you know. Meanwhile, I’m found right here: somewhere in-between decisions.


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  1. Saccarina said, on 4. januar 2006 at 6:18 pm

    It seems you don’t want any comments on this, but I’ll venture one anyway: I hope you’ll decide to do both.

  2. Jarle Petterson said, on 5. januar 2006 at 10:05 am

    Jau, ein lyt nok ta omsyn til begge, Saccarina. Det var vel omtrent den beslutningen jeg landet på selv. Så farlig er det nå uansett ikke, siden bloggeanledningene ikke akkurat står i kø. Har bloggingen vært sporadisk med to norske blogger, blir den det i alle fall med enda en, men det tåler vi. Det går nå engang bare ut over frekvensen. Jeg leker litt med WordPress som verktøy for den engelske bloggen, forresten. En morsom liten tingest, syns jeg, med adskillig større fleksibilitet enn Blogger/Blogspot.

    Tusen takk for den hyggelige tilbakemeldingen, forresten – og ha en fremifrå torsdag.

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